By Mohamad Chehimi

1. Book The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran: One of the marvels of my country (I’m originally from Lebanon) which I have read three times.
2. Turkish Oud (as Lebanese Ouds are very rare and expensive): this musical instrument is played in the Middle East from Turkey to Iran. Each country has its own version with sizes, tones, shapes and wood types varying.
3. Schmincke watercolours set: this artist grade colours ensure the same high quality pigments and shades through out the painting. The best brand out of all I tried, unable to buy it Kuwait I ordered it from Germany.
4. Plastic water container: to be used with water colours as I use multiple mixes and need plenty of water.
5. American Diner metal pencil case: to keep little tools at hand.
6. GSI water bottle: received as a belated birthday gift it proved to be the best at keeping my water cool.
7. Fabriano cold press 300gsm cotton paper block: high quality paper is essential for a good result, I have used this exact brand for more than 5 years and it never failed me.
8. Palette: to mix the colours on small portions.
9. iPad Pro: to watch tutorials, play music and display reference photos during painting.
10. Sony Rx100 V: to make videos for YouTube and Instagram Stories, very practical and small.
11. Nintendo Switch: to meet my friends “virtually” playing online games such as Animal Crossing
12. Colour wheel: to create new color schemes.
13. TWG Singapore breakfast tea: the best way to start the day.
14. My first red mug from a Christmas collection of Caribou Coffee: always used for tea never for coffee.
15. iPhone 11 pro: great way to keep the world in your pocket, and stay connected.