By Mohammed

1. Connecting more to families and friends through social media using my phone
2. Watching more Tv shows and videos in Netflix and YouTube.  
3. Making online selling using my PC during lockdown to at least have some returns.
4. Sleeping a lot.
5. Notes, as even at home still have some works to do.
6. Plate, eating a lot of different foods. During lockdown since there is nothing much to do, I also tend to eat all the time.
7. Cup, drinking a lot of tea with herbs to boost immune system and one of the things I do, after meal.
8. Helping my wife to clean the house.
9. Tool, for fixing some things in the house as this was not done by me during normal days as I am always at work.
10. Tongs, Rooftop BBQ grilling is the most common activities we do as we cannot go outside or the beach.
11. Spending more time with my kids playing video games with them.
12. Shoes, also trying to get some exercise while at home.
13. Charger, very important as I cannot let my phone out of charge.
14. Sanitizer, very important as because of Covid19, there is no time of the day without having this.
15. Racket, spending more time with the kids, playing with them and make some bonding time.