By Mun Fai

1. MACBOOK PRO. I’m an Apple Product Trainer with the finest tools to make my daily task fast and easy. I love the Apple eco system
2. NOTEBOOK STAND. For the wright eye level and wrists positioning while training online.
3. APPLE WATCH. To stay connected all the time even if I’m leaving my phone, my MacBook Pro or my iMac behind. More importantly it is my personal health guardian (which always remind me to stand up).
4. WD HARD DRIVE. For backing up my ideas and keeping my MacBook backup without me noticing. It is the best ‘peace of mind’ tool ever.
5. PS DUALSHOCK. My companion after my long working day. I recently felt closer to my friends. iPad Pro with controller, makes the perfect gaming experience.
6. IPAD PRO. Whenever I’m not at my computer desk, I take along this iPad Pro with me. It just the best notebook and personal computer replacement.
7. APPLE DVI ADAPTOR. Multitasking is all that matters. One screen one task, the more the screens the more the tasks that I can finish. With this adaptor I can finish my jobs faster, which translates to: less time working, more time gaming.
8. IPHONE 11 PRO MAX. This is my mini computer. Small in size but big in power.
9. MANFROTTO LED LIGHT. Video call and video conferencing have never been this crispy clear. No more
blurry faces
10. POWERBEATS PRO by BEATS. My sidekick. It does not only just pump my adrenaline during intensive workout, also for one of my shooting game - Call Of Duty Mobile. “MVP because of you” (Most Valuable Player)
11. WIRED GAMING MOUSE. We meet again since my very first MacBook Air 2012. I have to get used to scrolling and hovering all over again.
12. APPLE TV. Mirroring with Apple TV is the best solution and work seamlessly well (more space less cables)
13. TUMBLER. To avoid dehydration while working from home is much rather important.
14. MINI FAN. Portable yet powerful fan with high-capacity rechargeable battery to work all day for when things getting hot.
15. CASPRIN. I take this medicine right after the very first meal of the day.