By Nabeel

1. My private mobile phone contains all my personal information and all the applications I need to facilitate my daily life.
2. My watch is part of my personality, I cannot really do anything without it.
3. The Apple air pods, I used it all the time, it is an essential for as I am talking to a lot of people.
4. Controller for PlayStation 4 and headset, I spent most my time playing.
5. Remote control, I use it every single day, whether I will play games or watch movies.
6. Laptop, I use it whenever I will watch movies privately and search the web especially when I am bored from playing video games.
7. Headset, I use it for watching movies privately, I also have headset for gaming.
8. Perfume, online shopping is one of the main activities I do during lock down.
9. Mask, it is important, every single day you have to use it when going outside to buy some essential things.
10. Van shoes, brought from online shoppin too.
11. Vitamin C, it is very important to boost immune system, I take it everyday and I thought I would continue to take it forever even after Covid19.
12. Alcohol, even at home, I used this to sanitize my hands and sanitized the things that came from outside.
13. Charger, I cannot leave my phone uncharged as my phone contains all my private information and I don’t want to be disconnected to anybody for even a second.
14. Cup, this cup is where I put the chips and crisps that I am eating, I am not sure if it’s weird, but it gives me a nice feeling. Eating chips is one of my pastimes during lock down.  
15. Phone holder, this is one of important object for me during lock down as I most attend zoom meetings using my phone, this was extremely useful for me since I really do not have to hold my phone anymore.