By Naitiemu Nyanjom

1. A Lumix GX7 Camera - during lock down, I've ventured more into recording my creation processes and nature photography.
2. Speaker - I find myself more motivated to work when I listen to music, especially jazz. @keeppaceafrica speakers have come in handy!
3. Book - my current read is 'Segmented Worlds and Self' by Yi-Fu Tuan which explores the ambiguous relationship between an individual and society. Its a very interesting and mind-opening read!
4,5. Scissors, Paper glue - I've been doing some magazine collage artworks while quarantined. Funny story is that the magazines were left as waste by my previous neighbor, and now I'm turning them into beautiful artworks.
6. Microphones & saramonic - for sound collection from my surrounding. This started as a way to calm my thoughts down just as the lock down situation began, but then turned into a hobby. I collect sounds from nature, like the birds singing, or from everyday activities like skipping. I then add these sounds to short films that I am currently creating.
7. Tissue - my trips to the loo seem to be on a rise! And my fridge seems to empty every other day! 😀
8. Marker pens - not only am I using these for creating artworks, but I've also started labelling my containers, like the salt container, samples etc. It makes me more orderly as I am so clumsy!
9. Avocado - even bae knows that avocado is bae! 😅
10. Tape - isn't this the most handy tool ever?? Tape solves everything, from sticking pieces on the wall, making art... The list is endless.
11. Headphones - when I wanna switch off and be totally consumed in the world of music, I put on my @keeppaceafrica headphones.
12. Toothbrush - I haven't really changed clothes much since I've been indoors, but it comforts me that I've been brushing my teeth 😀
13. Kora - I really wanna learn a musical instrument this year!🎶
14. Drill - cos DIY is life!
15. ’Pinky Squirrel' - cos why not 😜