By Nick Leon

1. Paint brush. Week one we painted the fence white again to keep us from utter boredom
2. Coffee. One cup, two cups, three cups. Caffeinated. Repeat.
3. Football. To get outside and play crossbar challenge in the park with my 12 year old son. I’m winning!
4. Table tennis bat. Between meals the kitchen table turns into a ping-pong table.
5. Newspaper. More than ever I want to know what’s going on in the world. It also inspires new ideas for the blog.
6. Exercise matt. For online workouts. Not as bad as I thought!
7. Chocolate. I need it every day. And I don’t care what kind.
8. Bunting. To celebrate VE day and as decoration for my daughter’s birthday.
9. Vinyl. I'm going through old records and buying new ones online to support our amazing local record shops. They both offer same day delivery by bike!
10. Clippers. To shave my son’s hair off. Once footballers and his friends started doing it he wanted in too.
11. Chrome book for home schooling. My kids don’t want my help! Feeling guilty it isn't really working out. But life goes on.
12. Tracksuit bottoms. Lockdown uniform.
13. Firelighter. To light up the BBQ and cook sausages.
14. Liquid soap. Wash, wash, wash.
15. Remote control. To turn Netflix off and go to bed.

London, United Kingdom