By Nicole 

1. Diary for journaling my thoughts with what was happening around me.
2. Insurance policies, made sure they always up to date should anything happen.

3. Noodles for a quick meal.

4. Money for survival.

5. Bible to uplift my spirits with the holy scriptures.

6. Sanitizer for hands and surfaces to prevent and protect from covid-19.

7. Contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

8. Canned food for my family as its non-perishable goods which lasts for longer periods.

9. Portable hand massager to relax body muscles.

10. Fruits (Orange)to boost the immune system with vitamin C.

11. Remote control for entertainment like watching movies.

12. WI FI Router to connect to the internet and get the latest news regarding the virus.

13. Lotion for skin care.

14. Supplements to boost the immune system.

15. Skipping rope for physical activity for me and my son.