By Ntuthuko

1. Nivea moisturiser for self-care
2. Weights for my daily home workouts.
3. Vynils, listening to music all the time.
4. Protein bar as healthy snack.
5. Hand sanitizer adhering to the COVID 19 rules of practicing good hygiene and social distancing.
6. Dongle for video calling with friends and family.
7. DSTV remote to watch all my favourite shows.
8. Laptop for streaming all my favourite series and movies on Netflix.
9. Hookah pipe, I spend a lot of time smoking hubbly.
10. Savanna bottles, the alcohol I manage to secure.
11. Camera for taking stock images of nature, sunsets and the birds.
12. Cal-C Vita immune booster tablets
13.’Why Africa is Poor’ book by Choolwe Mwetwa, this is a gret read.
14. Change Mangement book, I’m taking an E-marketing course.
15. Playstation vidoe games keep me busy during lockdown.