By Oluwatomisin  

1. Pillow: It is made of feathers and covered with silk cloth to rest my head when relaxing.
2. TV and DSTV remote for entertainment.
3. Sneakers for exercise at home
4. Bible: It is my daily routine to study the word of God, which I need to keep my faith while I can not go to church during the lockdown.
5. Smart phone to stay in touch with friends and family I cannot meet.
6. Hair Conditioner to make my hair softer.
7. Money and Debit Card to get food in the local market.
8. Sanitiser to prevent the transmission of COVID -19 virus.
9. Books, reading is my hobby.
10. Medication: these are drugs for malaria and cold.
11. Music box to connect to my smartphone and listen to music when I am relaxing.
12. Electricity bill: in order to have constant power through lockdown is a necessity to keep the bills up to date.
13. Newspaper, it keeps me abreast of the COVID -19 situation and monitor the trends.
14. Earpiece for music and chatting.
15. Magazine to keep up with what is going on.