By Padmavathy Krishna Kumar

"Things that I'm grateful for”

1. Mokapot - for my morning coffee
2. Work - as tough and frustrating as it can be, its  given me structure during this weird time
3. AirPods - for saving me from neck pain from being on the phone a lot
4. Rosemary & thyme from my garden - instant flavour, and perfumes the whole kitchen
5. Eggplant from my garden - tender and shiny
6. Red chillies from my garden - the BRIGHT red (like a shade of lipstick) is mood uplifting, and they’re super spicy as well
7. Local pomelo - I’ve eaten SO many of these during lockdown, and they’re one of my favourite fruits
8. Drumstick from my garden - Picking these has been a reminder of how short I am
9. Mini shovel - for my faux gardening escapades
10. Dogs leash - I could be having the worst day with work/mentally but seeing and petting a dog always makes me feel better and like things will be ok
11. Tennis ball - playing with the dogs has made me enjoy activity and exercise
12. Swimming goggles - I’m extremely lucky to have access to a pool, and I pump myself up every morning by remembering that before I jump in
13. Wild flowers - I’ve discovered that I like picking flowers!
14. Not so wild flowers - I’ve discovered that I appreciate them, even if they only last a day after being picked
15. Local spinach variety and ajwain leaf from my garden - two delicious leafy greens that I’ve rediscovered through my mom’s amazing cooking