By Patrick

1. Laptop, an absolute essential for our work-from-home setup during the pandemic. I probably spend a good 8+ hours with this laptop every weekday.
2. Phone, means of communication with colleagues, friends, and family, also a tool to de-stress by listening to Podcasts and surfing social media.
3. Book - The Battle for Investment Survival - Quite a befitting book for these times - economies around the globe have been hit hard with the Black Swan that is COVID, nobody expected this. It reminds us to stay vigilant and be on the guard, either with our finances or life in general.
4. Fish oil, Good source of Omega-3, I take it every day as it's good for both the heart and the brain.
5. Clenaing alcohol, my constant companion during the occasional errand runs for groceries and medications for my mom.
6. Remote control, for a flat-screen that's connected to my laptop as a second screen for work and for watching series and movies during leisure time.
7. Crisps, a tasty snack every time I'm bored or I'm watching during my free time.
8. Dumbell, A half-hearted attempt at staying fit. I hate cardio and dieting but lifting weights now and then does give a serotonin boost.
9. Soda, a source of much-needed caffeine and fizz to keep me awake and focused during work. 10. VICKS VAPORUB - helps me breathe better when I get mild headaches and congestion every once in a while depending on the weather.
11. Portable LED light, sometimes the days and nights become blurred when you're always indoors, the LED light can be used as a study or night lamp and is very handy for me. At night I need to keep the lights off to sleep but I need a small light source so I don't stub my toe on the way to the bathroom.
12. Glasses, helps with reading and staring at the screen for hours on end, also helps prevent eye strain for me for some reason.
13. Large coin - I flip this coin whenever I can't decide between two movies that I want to watch. 14. SPHYGMOMANOMETER - for regularly checking my hypertensive mother's blood pressure.
15. Favourite mug - keeps me caffeinated or hydrated. A big mug makes sure I don't have to go back and forth to the fridge for drinks while at work.