By Pear Apichaya

1. Ikigai book (🌊) This item can get me through rough times.
2. Business card collection (💭) reminds me of my favorite place / food / shop .
3. Notebook (📒)Made in Thailand designed by dibdee_binder (ดิบดี)
4. Kinto bottle (🧊) An indispensable item for hot weather.
5. Perfume (💤) Made me sleep deeply.
6. Lip balm (👄) Apply lip balm before bed is a good tip to prevent and treat chapped lips.
7. Headphone (🎵) Let music heal you. So my favorite bands are Bring me the horizon, Owel , Billie Marten and yooze (ยูซ). You guys can try it out .
8. Necklace (❤️) Made in Thailand designed by thammo.woodart (ธรรมโม).
9. Black pen (✍🏼) Writing helps me concentrate.
10. Pink pen (🗓) I always mark the calendar pink for day that is wonderful.
11. Ruler (📏) Made in Taiwan designed by yohand studio.
12. Doitung (🐿) Macadamia is my favorite snack. Of course I like snack times.
13. Alcohol (🦠) Stay safe everyone !! And keep washing.
14. Skincare (💧) I'm so happy to take care of my skin so that’s why I really enjoy my daily skincare routine.
15. ipad (🌏) News, work, study, shopping, online magazine , netflix and social media apps. I guess this is my everything .