By Raghav Kumar (part of a family set The Kumars)

1. Chair - Discovered a new love for sitting outside in the balcony observing nature, clouds and listening to audiobooks
2. Nature in background - This is the first time I observed spring so closely and enjoyed it.
3. Laptop - Working on Tiny AF!
4. On the road by Jack Kerouac - Need to write a whole article about this classic. Coming soon!
5. Journal by Alicia D'souza
6. Blue pen
7. Nappa Dori Notebook - used to develop the carousels for Tiny AF!
8. Apple Cider Vinegar - Shaved my head and beard and used this to heal my dry skin
9. Decathlon bottle - To keep me hydrated
10. Firestick remote - Netflix etc.
11. Earphones - Music talking to friends
12. Tiny AF! - Blog and brand that I am working on with Ansh
13. Meal box - Volunteering to provide home cooked meals to the needy with @foodreligion2020 gave additional meaning to this time.
14. Running shoes - Walk and talk. Reconnecting with old friends.

New Delhi, India