By Richa Raut

1. Microsoft surface + pen + mouse : I would call this my survival kit. Right from online class to Binge watching series on Netflix.
2. Mobile Phone : To listen to music, whatsapp and click photos of coffee and sunsets.
3. Coffee : A mug of happiness.
4. Rubik's Cube : A puzzle I was able to learn and solve. Stress buster.
5. Playing cards : Often played in between breaks with my sister.
6. HairPin: My favourite hair accessories in this humid weather.
7. Monthly Planner : For endless To-do lists and planning.
8. Kindle: My old friend. I have really increased my reading in this lockdown.
9. Plant: My desk companion. Also I have picked up a new hobby of gardening. 
10. Copper pot + copper glass : Water is very essential. 
11. Spectacles
12. Earphones
13. Eye drops
14. Hand sanitizers
15. Geometry Diary: I have been doing one geometric pattern everyday. Its therapeutic. :)