By Rina Goto

1. Yokiwa-bon: a snow crystal shaped tray used for the JP tea ceremony @rinatj
2. Matcha: trying to prepare a bowl of green tea matcha to maintain a well balanced mind
3. Nanbu Cast Iron Tea kettle: I am hot water lover
4. Kutani cup and saucer: my fav for every morning caffè latte
5. White Sage: cleansing my room
6. Haworthia: (succulent plant)
7. Soda spa form premium 10000: my beauty tip of every morning
8. Coarse salt: using for cooking and daily bath-time
9. Utamaro: cleaning detergent for everywhere in my house
10. Neru mae Spray: a gentle sleep mist @earlofeastlondon
11. Book: Zen and Japanese culture by Dr. Daisetz Suzuki
12. Art print: this message has been so meaningful @theposterclub
13. Stayhome-T: a bit of humor is always welcome and appreciated
14. NIKE air rift: my weekend partner, light and comfortable
15. Yoga mat: stay physically active also at home