By Robin Schurman

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life”
William Morris

1. 🧘‍♀️ yoga: self practice and virtual everyday  
2. 💐Fresh cut flowers
3. Tea or coffee☕️ depending on the vibe 
4. All the scents: Palo Santo/incense/candles so important to set the tone in your space everyday.
5. Walks represented with my running shoes 👟
6. My cat Molly for keeping me company 🐱 even if she just sleeps
7. Cooking: creating beautiful healthy bowls - my fav is breakfast with chia pudding homemade granola and fruit 🍓 it’s bonus being able to eat our own food at home each day. Mandy’s has awesome recipes! 
8. Arranging Luum textiles- the options are endless and this satisfies the textile rep inside of me each and everyday. 
9. Bath bombs and luxury soaps just because it feels great … my fav is twilight from Lush.
10. All the electronics: computer, phone and ear buds. Where would I be without these 
11. Red wine 🍷 need I say more?
12. Reading 📖 I’ve read so much and I love getting lost in a good book 
13. Painting 🖼 this is my outlet and where I can be my most creative. 
14. Vedic Mediation practice- my twice daily practice has transformed my life and has allowed me to tap into my true being.
15. Chocolate 🍫 I always have it on hand!

Toronto, Canada