By Ryan McSorley

1. Mask, an obvious one for when I had to leave the house, or to pick up deliveries.
2. Apple Airpods. Made having work calls so much easier sharing a small space with my partner. Also on calls.
3. Le labo hand cream to help with the dry hands from all the washing.
4. Lao Gan Ma. The best spicy sauce on the planet. If you know you know!
5. Nintendo switch Ring fit. Great way to get some exercise without feeling bored.
6. Playstation remote. We watch netflix through our playstation so this was being charged constantly.
7. Aesop exfoliating hand wash. Little treat when washing our hands so often.
8. Neat. multi surface cleaner. Great cleaner without single use plastic and refillable. A brand I launched just as we went into lockdown. Keeping me busy and keeping me up at night.
9.Iphone, for everything.
10. Digital thermometer. My partner is going through Chemotherapy through the pandemic so we needed to check his temperature daily to make sure he doesn't have any infections.
11. Ipad, makes facetimes with friends and family feel so much more like we are in the same room.
12. Laptop, starting a new business in the middle of this crisis has meant far too much time on the computer.
13. Gunpowder Irish Gin. Delicious and a beautiful bottle.
14. Diptyque candle. I would light it in the evenings to help make the space feel different from work to chill.
15. A basil plant. Bought with our online shop, nurturing it and watching it thrive has been really nice.