By Sam Crompton (part of a family set The Crompton - Blochs)

1. Soil. To patch up any gardening mistakes.
2. Coffee. Stumptown.
3. Headphones. AIAIAI for Zoom calls.
4. Hairbands. Never needed them before but got a top bun now.
5. Billie’s frisbee.
6. Birth Partner by Penny Simkin.
7. Makita impact driver.
8. Notebook. For anxiety in the evenings.
9. Stress B-complex pills. For anxiety in the mornings.
10. Marmite.
11. Yorkshire tea. Every morning. 3 cups.
12. Jon Hopkins, Immunity.
13. Barry’s resistance band.
14. DeLonghi Coffee machine (see 2).
15. Amazon Firestick to watch Hulu.