By Samantha Paterson

1.  Chocolate – no explanation required
2.  Dumbbells to counteract 1. above
3.  Music is the soul of life
4.  Pink trainers – every girl needs a pair of these
5.  Laptop – Work, Skype, Zoom, Whattsapp Web
6.  Jersey yarn – because macramé matters
7.  Australian red – any red will do though
8.  Paint brushes – never enough time for all of the DIY
9.  Domestos spray – regardless of ISO, cleanliness is important
10.  TV remote – needless to say Netflix binges help to maintain sanity
11.  Hammer – DIY painting is great but hitting things is more therapeutic
12.  Hand cream – to keep those hard working hands soft
13.  Egg – the versatile dish; breakfast, lunch and dinner if need be
14.  Kevin the Kindle – for escapism and education
15.  Mary the Ragdoll Cat – main purpose is cuddles