By Samuel Weeks

1. @storymfg T Shirt ‘everything will be ok’ and it will!
2. Dumbell
3. @mariahcarey ‘Against All Odds’ Vinyl. Another addition to the Mariah archive.
4. #Keanureeves & @camerondiaz‘Feeling Minnesota’ movie. Is anything better than Keanu & Cameron?
5. Red Wine.
6. @rodialbeauty Vit C Glow Tonic. My skin has never been better.
7. ‘A Pocket History of Ireland’ by Breandan O hEithir. To teach the new Nephew all about one of his homelands. #ireland #demddy@ruthchristinabrophy
8. @method_uk Rhubarb Anti Bac Spray. Self Explanatory.
9. #Dyptique Baies candle.
10. Gluten free flour. Too much baking. Hence please see number 2.
11. @bulletproof brain octane C8 MCT Oil. Recommended by @sunriseshack - It's amazing.
12. ‘Riley Moo’ the British Short Hair. Bestie.
13. Cat treats. Mum @ruthchristinabrophy is away so she’s stuck with Uncle Sam who is happy to bribe for cuddles.
14. @philip_kingsley supersize shampoo & conditioner. Growing the hair out.
15. Macbook.