By Sandy Jones

“Things making a difference to my lockdown life”

1. 2020 Diary. No longer a diary, more of a journal. It helps to write things down.
2. Hand cream. Transforms crispy over washed hands and smells of almonds.
3. Diving gloves. Swimming in the sea clears my head, these gloves make all the difference to keeping warm.
4. Yoga mat. For daily Joe Wicks PE and Zoom pilates.
5. Jaffa Cakes. Hits the spot with a cup of tea at 4pm.
6. Pen. Writing in different colours makes me happy for some reason.
7. ’18’ cake candles. We recently celebrated our son’s 18th birthday with pizza, champagne and a movie. We’re keeping the cards, balloons and garlands up until restrictions are lifted and he can go out to party with his friends.
8. V&A exhibition ticket. On my desk as a reminder that we will go out again and experience something amazing.
9. 21st birthday card (1950s). I recently rediscovered my father’s 21st birthday cards and they have become the focus of my new research project. I’m fascinated by print culture and excited to explore what these everyday objects will reveal about life, culture and society in the 1950s.
10. Mac ‘Vegas Volt’ lipstick. Brings instant cheer.
11. A Touch Of Silver Shampoo. Zapping my brassy hair.
12. Chilli flakes. I’m baking and cooking more, these provide a hit of spice and heat.
13. Almanac. A friend gave me this for Christmas, it’s wonderful. I’m appreciating nature and seasonal changes more right now.
14. Sheet music. Rediscovering the piano has been a great joy for me, although not so much for my family!
15. Donna Tartt novel. I’ve been meaning to read this for years, so beautifully written.