By Santo Zuccotti-Webster (11 years old)

“My lockdown life”

1. Birdee Plenood: because he is my favourite curly toy.
2. Weights: because I am doing Zoom class with Bounce Gym every weekday.
3 & 4. Football and basketball: I enjoy playing outside with my sister when the weather is nice.
5. Dulce de leche: this is by far one of my favourite foods but I sometimes have it as a treat.
6. Ping pong: I have been playing ping pong with my parents and we did a competition.
7 & 8. Headset+controller: I like to play video games online with my friends.
9. Keyboard and mouse: my dad gave his iMac so I can do my home school.
10. Cards: me and my family have been playing lots of cards together.
11. Gundam Robot: my dad and I have been making Gundam Robots together.
12. Markers: I have been doing an art class every weekday.
13. Pool Balls: me and my family have been playing pool together ever since we got a pool table.
14. Banana: me and my family are trying to keep healthy throughout lockdown.
15. LED Ball lights: I have been performing my parents little shows at night with the balls.