By Sara Becker

1. @stasherbag • Perfect for snacks taken on multiple walks
2. @weckjars • Quick cleanup of leftovers
3. 🍩 for obvious reasons
4. @kristin_ess hair products
5. @mariobadescu facial spray • Staple in my bedtime routine
6. Cute headband • Always necessary on these lazy, all natural days
7. @thebeeandthefox screen printed tee • My new favorite shirt - thank you so much to the @ofs_texas team! i absolutely LOVE it 🤍
8. Just add an 🍊
9. Easily washable waffle baby blanket
10. Because who doesn’t love a baby in a bonnet?
11. @mybkr water bottle
12. @haydesign glass straws
13. Herbicin • lifesaver with all this hand washing
14. Burp cloths
15. Love seeing the imagination used building with these blocks

Indiana, USA