By Sarah Ridley

1. Mixed feelings about the whole Goop/Gwyneth thing but these salts are like sanity in a bath.
2. Hand balm rescuing my 90 year looking hands.
3. Aesop hand sanitizer...small but mighty and still going strong.
4. Reading...loving Alexandra Shulmans new book.
5. Thought I’d be all chilled Rose but actually craving fresh orange juice so squeezer.
6. And orange.
7. Chocolate obviously.
8. Dreaming of swimming in Icebergs one day when this is over.
9. Nail varnish makes me feel put together.
10. Candle.
11. My phone for staying connected to people and have done an interior design course that always wanted to do and is now online.
12 & 13. Saucepan and spoon for making soup but mostly to bang for the NHS every Thursday to show our total gratitude.
14. Normal People...this is so good!
15. And finally but most importantly flowers either foraged on my daily walk, Flowerbox or from the garden.