By Sheena

1. Earphones, I became more into listening to music during the pandemic.
2. Mints, I always make sure that I have stocks of sweets and candies during the pandemic to have happy hormones, and to minimize anxiety.
3. Vitamin C, It is a must have to defend your body from any diseases and increase “ your immune system defense.
4. Alcohol sanitizer, A daily routine to protect myself from any viruses.
5. Webcam, since working from home is timely, my webcam became one of my most used item for web meetings.
6. PS4, To kill time I have also been into playing video games during the pandemic.
7. Eye make-up, As everyone is using face masks and half of my face is covered, I make sure that my eyes look alluring and pretty.
8. Face mask, #1 Essential during the pandemic.
9. Microphone, Singing is one of my hobbies so I got more time to sing karaoke during the pandemic lockdown.
10. Remote control, Nothing else better to do on a lockdown but to do Netflix and Chill, or to be updated on the current news on TV.
11. Speaker, I always have background sounds when doing some cleaning or disinfecting at home.
12. Phone, To stay connected with family and friends.
13. Grocery and shopping cards, During lockdown, only grocery stores are open, so I frequent these places to get our essential supplies.
14. Frying pan, I learned to cook more dishes and even sold homemade meals online during the pandemic lockdown.
15. Hair straighteners, I had more time to pamper myself as I am not working for some time. I experimented with different hair styles and colors.