By Sholto Steel (9 years old - part of a family set The McKenzie Johnston - Steels)

1. My sister Mouse @esmeraldarainbowsteel, she’s my best love, we play all the time
2. Earl Grey tea, I drink tea every morning in bed while I read
3. Lego, I play with it all the time
4. Books, I love Greek mythology best
5. My clarinet, I have lessons on Zoom and practice nearly every day. I even gave a lockdown recital to my great grandfather who is 98
6. My chemotherapy, I have been being treated for leukaemia for over three years now but it’s really nearly over, only two months more to go, and I’m really lucky because at the moment the nurses come to treat me at home. However until I have finished and my immune system has recovered I still have to be shielded during lockdown which is sometimes frustrating
7. This crucifix hangs above my bed. Sometimes I talk to God and sometimes He talks to me
8. My rainbow maker, My mother’s friend gave this to me and it throws rainbows around the room every afternoon and it is amazing
9. My #togetherband for #ClimateAction. My best friend Zion has got the other one. We got them after we went to Bristol to hear Greta Thunberg speak, before lockdown, and I will never forget it
10. My laptop that enables me to do my schoolwork, and also to take part in really cool webinars, like @artactionchange’s #WeRtheFuture which is all about using art to save the oceans and the rainforests. My dream is to be a marine biologist when I grow up
11. Minecraft - I play it with my sister and also my friend Alexander, it’s a way of seeing each other even when we’re not together
12. Poseidon. I collect statues and busts of Greek Gods, he is my favourite
13. Tufty CanCan, I sleep with him at night
14. I love listening to music. I really love Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers
15. The Week, which comes every Friday. It’s good to know what’s going on