By Shuyue Liu

1. Computer: During the lockdown, we have been having online classes, so I need to use the computer.
2 & 3. Alcohol and alcohol wipes: When I buy groceries from outside, I spray some alcohol on my body and wipe my hands with alcohol wipes.
4. Glasses: Because I am shortsighted, I wear glasses to see things clearly and to isolate the virus.
5. Cell phone: I use my cell phone to contact my friends and boyfriend.  
6. Mask: I have to wear a mask when I go out.
7. Car keys: Public transport in our city was shut down during the quarantine, so we had to drive to the supermarket to buy groceries.
8. Thermometer: I take my temperature everyday.
9. Lian hua wen qing oral liquid: During this period, there were rumors that thismedicine could cure coronavirus, so whether the rumors were true or false, I went to stock up on it to reassure myself.
10. Coffee: As our language teacher often says during the break, it's time for coffee. I also have a cup of coffee every morning. It keeps me in good spirits.
11 & 12. Tooth socket and dental floss: I'm having my teeth straightened, so invisible braces are always with me, and I always need to floss after eating.
13. Disposable gloves: During the epidemic, I have to wear disposable gloves when I go out to press the elevator or receive a delivery.
14: Chillies: good to boost our inmune system.
15. The elliptical machine: I think during this period should strengthen the physical quality.