By Siân Wiggins

1. Flowers: bright & beautiful,
2. Trainers: for the daily walk,
3. Diary: suddenly important to record the days,
4. Waterbottle: singlehandedly keeping the squash industry afloat,
5. iPad: weekly Zoom, daily FaceTime & nightly tele are essential companions,
6. My Cat: currently asleep on my bed, so he sent a dep for the photo. He’s the only physical contact that I’ve had for 2 months,
7. Earphones: accompanying every walk for phone calls and tunes,
8. chopping board & knife: the rituals of cooking & eating define each day,
9. Hand Gel: supermarket safetynet,
10. FaceMask: socially responsible & sexy,
11. Mugs: constantly have a cuppa on the go,
12. Slippers: a year’s worth of wear in 8 weeks,
13. Watch: Meeting my activity goals inspires me out of bed,
14. Glasses: contact lenses abandoned,
15. Suncream: the recent weather has been a blessing.