By Sibei Chen

1. The tool of watercolour and sketchbook. Because when I have time I like to relax by painting.
2. Copybook of calligraphy. Recently I gradually began to like to write calligraphy with an ink brush and hope to continue this habit, I think it is a good way for me to loosen up my mind.
3. Cutlery (chopsticks and spoons). Because I need them for whenever I eat.
4. Pan. I need it every day because I'm mostly at home during this time and I also like cooking.  
5. Apple,vitamins and protein powders. Because it can supplement nutrition and improve my immunity.
6. Yoga mat. Because proper exercise has become my habit 
7. Slippers. An essential items at home because I'm not used to walking barefoot
8. Cup. Because I need to drink tea or water every day.
9. Skincare products. After getting up in the morning and washing my face, it has become my habit to apply skincare products and it can add moisture to my skin
10 & 11. Laptop and earphone. Because it is essential for my online classes and leanring from Chelsea College of Arts (in London).
12. Glasses. Because I am shortsighted, glasses can make me see the beauty of the world more clearly.
13. Mobile phone. Because I need to contact the world and my family and friends.
14. Face masks. Due to the epidemic, these are essential items for me to go out
15. Disinfectant. When I come back from a restaurant or supermarket, I will disinfect my whole body.