By Siew Hung

1. MACBOOK. The most important thing while being forced to Work from Home during lockdown. All the reports, trainings, and access to my company’s system are in one device (E-Commerce business and E- Learning).
2. SANITISER. Since the lockdown started I buy all my essential items from online platforms, more than any other time in my life. Sanitising my parcels and my hands after interaction with the delivery guy is mandatory. 3. PS4. It has given me some great entertainment during the entire lockdown. Game is life.
4. VITAMIN C. Consuming Vitamin C daily is a new habit for my family since we are frightened with the virus.
5. PENS. Perfect to sketch and write down my daily check lists.
6. NOTEPAD. I live with my nephews and niece. Having a notepad is a great saver to my life as I can let them sketch around and distract them while I’m working.
7. APPLE WATCH. It motivates me to at least doing some light exercise during the day.
8. IPHONE. It is key to staying connected with my partner and friends. We have large video calls with all my friends where everyone prepares their own foods and we eat together.
9. CABLES. What’s more! During the lockdown we charge our devices more than what we usually did.
10. ROLLING PIN PASTRY. I learned how to make pastry during lockdown. It became one of my go-to activities to kill time.
11. BOTTLES. I drank way more water and tea in the new normal days. Keeping yourself hydrated is important.
12. NESCAFE. An essential part of my life during lockdown. Maybe because it can calm myself down.
13. KAGOME FRUIT DRINKS. My parents force me to drink more fruit juice. Mom rules.
14. INSTANT NOODLE. It a great saviour when I’m hungry during the night or I’m lazy to cook for myself.
15. PIKABOO. This is my niece’s favourite toy. I use it to save my life when she disturbs me during my working hours.