By Sonia Wang

Things that give me peace of mind
1. Disinfectant - Distributed in a traditional rice wine bottle, this brand of disinfectant is produced by Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation, one of many companies enlisted by the government to help reduce the spread of coronavirus
2. Fern - Learning to care for plants as I learn to better take care of myself
3. A chipped mug - A tea o’clock essential
4. Feiyue - My go to sneaker which I’ve kept on replacing ever since I bought it 9 years ago while on fieldwork
5.Crystals - Keep (me) calm and carry on
6. Mandala - A hand-painted mandala titled ‘Magic Carpet’, a blanket for my soul
7. Incense - My morning cleansing ritual
8. Passion fruit - Eating seasonally and locally for my body
9. Mum’s paint brush - Borrowed from my mum because I’ve always wanted to paint like her
10. Camera - Helps add a creative twist to my work (and life)
11. Bamboo and hemp rope - My scouting years taught me some kick-ass survival skills but I’ve only taken a few forward into my adulthood. I used a couple of different lashings to build a raised bed for our garden balcony
12. Made-in-Taiwan mask - To protect myself and my loved ones
13. Soothing sheet mask - Helps keep my face sane from wearing surgical masks
14. Laptop - My bread and butter
15. Dog leash - Walking my dog Charlie keeps me active