By Sonich Touch

1-4. My laptop, tablet, iPad, and headphones are essentials because I work from home
5. my sketchbook which helps me generate ideas and visuals for either work or personal projects
6. my planner which helps me in planning what my day or week should look like, so I feel more productive and motivated
7. my small journal that I carry everywhere with me, to write my thoughts down/how I feel on the spot
8. books help me pass time so there's one that I'm currently reading
9. my fabric mask, which is much better and more eco-friendly than the disposable ones (it's easier to breathe in too)
10. my face mask which gives my face the cooling effect. Staying in can sometimes feel hot and a little suffocated and uninspired.
11. my essential oil, especially for morning meditation
12. my favorite tea flavor, also for morning
13. my alcohol wipe, for sanitary reason
14. and my scented candle which gives me a much-needed refreshment