By Stefanie Schillmoeller


1. Yoga mat (mainly used by the kids)
2. Books I currently read. Haven’t finished any of them but quarantine isn’t over yet.
3. Cosy cardigan. I’m always cold when working.
4. Cookbooks. 3+ meals a day for 5 people require inspiration.⁣
5. Plant pot symbolic for our garden. A piece of heaven.
6. Tea pot.
7. Coffee mug from @ahoymarie, as a reminder of our time in Hamburg. This one is from their special quarantine edition.
8. Headphones.
9. Ginger & orange (for fresh tea).⁣⁣
10. Laptop. Certainly.
11. Phone. Podcasts!
12. Apple remote symbolic for Netflix (currently: Silicon Valley)⁣⁣
13. Chocolate.
14. Hand cream. Too much washing and cleaning. Like those from @ritualscosmetics.
15. Perfume.