By Steff Karsten

My 15 quarantine essentials

1. The tablet for playing and streaming. I am currently watching "The Handmaid's Tale".
2. Canoeing on weekends. There is no better place for social distancing.
3. My cosy corduroy pants which reminds me of my grandpa Heinz who would have celebrated his birthday on 6 May.
4. The brush stands for painting the window frames. A long-term project that finally found it's start in Q-times.
5. The rose shears represent the front garden and gardening in general. A privilege for which I am very grateful.
6. A mobile phone that allows me to stay connected with family & friends.
7. The insoles for my running shoes which I put on every day to walk with my neighbour Anette. How else am I supposed to get the daily minimum number of steps?
8. A rag. I clean more often because I'm more at home.
9. What would the life be without music? Currently I am rehearsing a chanson and a minuet by JSB. Challenging, but lovely. I like my accordion very much!
10. The shopping bag because shopping has become as important as in the former GDR. Standing in lines and not always being able to take away what you want.
11. The blue coffee mug because my coffee consumption has been growing quite a lot.
12. The earplugs that bring me close to the pulse of time.
13. Magazines and books. The book "Ernährungskompass" I have consciously grabbed in order to keep the nutrition consumption a bit under control.
14. Work, work, work. There is much to do.
15. A Bball cap. My home office is a place in the sun. I needed the cap as sun protection.