By Ted Chiu

1. Facemask #eyegear though without the eyegear I could not see😄
2. Note10 phone, honestly Covid or not
3. Surfacepro #computer again Covid or not, YouTube, research, etc., etc.
4. Remotecontrol TV/Netflix etc., etc. yes I need 4 of them
5. Yogamat first one I've EVER bought
6. Weights #workout since all the gyms are closed
7. Books
8. Music
9. Fruits #food #junkfood this is a big one, #cooking so much at home
10. Plants #flowers whether it's #herbs potted or not, wanted to be surrounded by growth and well, beauty
11. Cocktails practicing improving old and new recipes
12. Wine separated from the cocktail/bourbon since they mean different things to me
13. Candles #tealights all the time
14. Driving having a car in #socialdistancing helps
15. Cocktails twice😄, coz that's what happened😄 It really should be #coffee