By Teresa Casamayor

1. Wooden Desk: I "built it" in January and I've truly spent most of my time doing things on it
2. Grey carpet: Pretend walking, many many still kilometers walked on it!
3. Plants: I usually kill them all but in this quarantine I've seen them getting better giving me JOY
4. Embroidery Frame: Basis of many of the costumes for virtual meals with @ire_cas @daniele_cremasci and my mum that brightened Saturdays
5. Tomatoes: ALWAYS
6. Phone: Vital Life line with everyone I love (seen and heard, thanks sXXI). Also source of virtual classes, mindless scrolling, and DuoLingo teaching me useful things like "O meu tigre e vegetariano"
7. Speaker: So worn out that now has to be always plugged-in. @avivir being even more than my usual weekend touchstone, @quesipuedohablar, @nsn_la_ser,... but also (and after a pretty long time) filled with music by many of the usual suspects (kudos to Mozart!) and very special new companions: @dancesteps list, all lists' by Fernando Trueba and (don't know why!) music in Portuguese especially by @caetanoveloso , @luisasobral and
8. Watercolors: I suck at it, but mindless using the brush has been so so important
9. Drawing Pad: Where my failed attempts have gone. but remarkable because the act of sitting to draw a bit and especially using ink... the closest to mindfulness I've been able to practice
10. Chickpeas: Always love them but i don't know how many I've eaten this quarantine!
11. Sunflower seeds: Too many bags consumed. Natural anxiolytic
12. 72% Dark Chocolate with pieces of cocoa. Enough said
13. Coffee. Pillar and joy of mornings
14. Mug: I'm very particular about mugs and this one is PERFECT (size, weight, design..) I frigging love it and it's given me a special joy every time I had coffee on it
15. Sunlight: Not pictured but essential. My apartment, though not facing the street and encapsulated in two narrow patios, recieves pretty decent natural light but direct sunlight for just a few hours a day, so I looked forward to them. Seeing how direction, duration etc changed every day has been ❤️