By Tessa Mansfield

1. Keyboard: I’ve just started to re-learn how to play, 🎹 something I haven’t done since I was a child
2. Pens & coloured pencils: so much drawing is going on in the house, in-and-out of home school ✏
3. Wine: a most essential ingredient 🍷
4. Fimo: I’m making little characters from video games with the kids, the smallness and concentration is therapeutic
5. Weighted hula hoop: 10 minutes a day for my core, to make up (a bit) for my lack of reformer Pilates
6. Minecraft on PS3: my son is obsessed- it gives much needed respite. 🎮 I now really appreciate how creative it is too.
7. Yorkshire Tea: all day, every day. ❤️
8. Rejuvenated H3O hydration: a pink powder to add to water with resveratrol and electrolytes: I have it every day for hydration 😇
9. Symprove Probiotic: Live active bacteria- the first thing I drink each day for 🙌🏼 gut microbiome
10. Glasses: where has my eyesight gone? The massive recent increase in screen working makes my glasses more essential than ever 👓
11. MacBook Laptop  : work, communication, quizzes, entertainment, shopping...
12. Fortune Cookies: 🥠 I bought boxes of these back at Chinese New Year- and am amusing myself with them to help predict/confirm decision-making 🔮
13. Magnesium Sleep lotion: 😴 this helps me to sleep. Enough said.
14. Lilac from the garden: 🌿 planting seeds, gardening and general blossom appreciation have become a major part of my life now
15. Birkenstocks EVA Arizona: these spongy sandals make my feet happy 💛

London, United Kingdom