By Thomas Williams (13 years old - part of a family set The Williams)

1. Hoodie- All day comfort
2. Slippers- Same again!
3. PS4 controller- For my daily sessions
4. Phone- For connecting with the outside world.
5. Banana- Daily snack I have had for the last 10 years. Lockdown won’t stop that.
6. Bull Cap- My familiar favourite.
7. Mouse- Daily school work and live lessons.
8. Shower gel- For my 3 showers a day. Love to be clean!
9. Football- Fun in the garden with my brothers.
10. Biscuits- Unhealthy snack to go along with my banana.
11. Merve’s collar- Merve is always there for me no matter what.
12. Trainers- Staying fit on my 6k runs.
13. Bowl- To start the day with my numerous cereals.
14. Book- Evening reading session.
15. Pen- To keep up with my work. (Although I have run out of cartridges)