By Tom Underwood (part of a family set The Attrup - Underwoods)

“Things that are keeping me sane”
1. Yoga mat, to help me not completely seize up
2. Book, (Jean Le Carre)
3. Oil paints, I have remembered how much I enjoyed painting. Not an obvious choice of activity pre lockdown, but now really therapeutic and distracting
4. Paintbrushes, because I graduated from finger painting
5. Knife, I Have found myself really enjoying cooking. Food is such a big part of our daily structure, dedicating an hour or so to prepare food feels like no time at all
6. Chopping board, again same as the knife
7. Limes (fresh ingredients), you can’t have rum and ginger without lime
8. Hand soap because I don’t intend to die quite yet
9. Window wiper, cleaning in general takes up a fair amount of time and when it’s done it’s a really satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Cleaning windows is especially satisfying
10. Dark rum, you can’t have rum and ginger without rum
11. Toilet roll, Feeling smug that Esther signed up to ‘Who gives a crap’ in November last year and therefore we felt no need to panic buy 40 toilet rolls…..because we already had about 60
12. Bike helmet, Getting out cycling, feeling the wind on my face makes me feel free and distracts me from the reality of current life
13. Hair trimmer, to correct Esther’s attempt at cutting my hair
14. TV remote. If you’re not watching a little more TV these days you’re lying
15. Cine camera, with all the free time I’ve suddenly had I decided to make a film about lockdown life. It’s the first film I have made just for myself in a while and I have found it truly rewarding watch it