By Tulika Gupta

1. My bed: the red background is my bed. It is my favourite thing in the whole house and I don't let anyone else on it. I like keeping it extremely clean.
2. My art supplies: I chose the most important part of my supplies - my pens and my planner.
3. Nutella: one thing that wipes my tears and gives solace to me whenever life sucked during this Pandemic.
4. AC remote: I'm from India and this summer has been extremely disturbing since I couldn't visit the pool. Is it even summer vacation without swimming? :'(
5. Nailpolish: I put nailpolish in one of my nails. (usually index finger) I think it's an essential item to my life.
6. NETFLIX: Watching a movie to escape reality is the best feeling.
7. Car keys: Almost every weekend I drive with dad beside me to do essential chores. Since I've recently learnt it, it's thrilling and an important source of happiness.
8. The plate: it symbolises all the food I've made this quarantine. This is an important activity that me and my family have enjoyed during this quarantine.
9. Skipping rope: important source of exercise this quarantine.
10. A blank Polaroid: signifying all important friends and family I could turn to this Pandemic.
11. Kindle: another escape from reality.
12. Embroidery: a hobby I took up and learnt from mom.
13. Kajal: helped me feel better when I felt ugly looking at myself in the mirror.
14. Earphones: a big part of life for online classes and music mostly.
15. Guitar: I learnt the song 'City Of Stars' on it through YouTube. This is the first song I ever played on a guitar