By Vanessa Dewey

1. Morning Green Drink- I gave you caffeinated coffee over a month ago. That provided me a morning routine. The green drink is filling that void and keeping me healthy!
2. Kettle ball - I have a lot of other bits and bobs for exercise. Daily running and circuit training is helping maintain balance.
3. Dog collar - my beagle Theo wouldn’t sit for the camera. Beagle cuddles are key.
4. Almond butter - can’t get enough of this- a sweet treat you gluten free toast.
5. Candles! Especially rose- so calming
6. Roku - Provides my evening escape on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.
7. Vitamin C - I take as many as possible.
8. Cider - a daily treat.
9. Berries
10. Sage - Been smudging a lot.
11. Coconut Oil - staying hydrated has been key. Besides water this has helped maintaining hydration.
12. Books - finally catching up on reading (currently have 3 in rotation.) Simply glorious.
13. Essential Oils - using a lot of rosemary and euycaliptis. In the shower and breathing In the scents.
14. Epsom Salts - for the first two weeks when I arrived stateside, I was quarantined (and monitored by the medical Dept) epsom baths were relaxing but also help with my circulation and removal of toxins.
15. Knitting - haven’t done it in years. Quite meditative.

Vermont, United States