By Verónica Lombeida

1. Photography, it always makes me happy, I don't know what I'd do without a camera.
2. Mask.
3. Tree Leaves, I need having nature close to me, it's wonderful having a garden at home .
4. I began to do mi own orchard in cups, in everything I see at home.
5. Crayons, I needed to paint places where I would like to be.
6. Knit my first sweater.
7. Phone, to be closer from who is far away.
8. Glasses of course.
9. Notebook to write everything I think or feel.
10. Books, to get less stress.
11. I love being barefoot but when it's cold these are my socks.
12. Head kerchief.
13. Music, always music.
14. See my brothers pictures.
15. Red blanket yoga.