By Xialei Tang

This photo was taken in a hotel room in Shanghai on my last night in China.

1. Tissue box; it is pretty and made with bamboo.
2. Porcelain bottle where I put my tea in it, I like to drink tea, tea can help me to adjust my state and mood.
3 - 7. Set of tea pot and bottles, which is net to the tea box.
8 - 10. Pot with a mango pudding, mango flavor milk tea and straws. Usually, I don’t drink beverages with a lot of sugar, because I don't want to put too much weight on (I tend to avoid high calorie desserts). However, this photo was taken in the hotel room on my last night in China, a where I was sad to say goodbye to all my family, and I felt a lot pressure to facing a brand-new challenge (to travel to London to study, a whole new place for me!) So my mom bought those desserts to comfort me. Now I'm gradually getting used to  London, I made new friends here and I don't feel the panic anymore!
11 & 12. Pink and black exercise resistance bands. These are for my fitness and to work out my booty, these are easy to carry so I always take them in my bag.
13. Mask
14. Electric kettle to help me to make my tea.
15. On the bottom of the table is my phone. I can't live without it,  I use it as my wallet and use it to stay in contact with my family and  friends.