By Xinyan Chen

1. The horse pattern cup: The appearance of this cup is suitable to drink scented tea,isn't it?
2 & 3. The chrysanthemum tea and kettle: Good partner!
4. The rabbit flower pattern bag: I used the bag every day, which contains pens, AirPods, and a hard drive.
5. The green cushion: I spend a lot of time sitting in a chair every day. This cushion helps me relieve the discomfort of sitting for too long.
6. Mobile phone with a flowered case: There is no way to leave it, it is not only a mobile phone but also a wallet, communication tools, shops, entertainment tools etc.
7. The blue spray: There are many mosquitoes in my room at night. This is a spray to kill mosquitoes. But recently I discovered that mosquitoes are immune to this smell!
8. A book: Help me sleep (Not boring). The book tells the story of a family living in the desert of the northwest. I like it!!!
9. Slippers: Summer in Guangzhou is too hot, and slippers made of rattan help to dissipate heat.
10. Tissues: Wipe my nose and use after using the restroom.
11. Toothbrush: I prefer to brush my teeth manually rather than using an electric toothbrush.
12. Mat: Although the pattern is very old-fashioned, it reminds me of grandma. Favorite!
13. A scissor: Used to open a express box.
14. USB cable: Feed my phone and iPad. ^-^
15. iPad: Read documents, draw, study, watch movies. Omnipotent!