By Yifan Yang

These are the 15 items which I use a lot during this period and my daily life.
I think it's also a good time for us to rethink our own lives and do the things that help us to calm down and enrich us.

In this special period, I have more time to stay at home to do the things I like.
In the morning I will turn on my mini speaker, listen to some music I like, brew a cup of tea and do some housework with my cleaning supplies.
In the evening I light scented candles to give myself some comfortable atmosphere to read books (currently reading a film director's autobiography).
When I read a book I would often have some inspiration, and I will use my sketchbook to draw some interesting manuscript and paint.
Occasionally I paint my nails myself with nice polish colours at home to make myself feel good.
Sometimes if I will go out to dinner with friends, I will bring my own dishes, to avoid the spread of the virus and for more environmental protection.
When I come home from the outside I will give my clothes and hand disinfection before I enter the room. I think this is a necessary action.