By Yiyuan Sun

This photo was taken when I arrived in London to China and began to isolate.

1. Because of quarantine, most of the time I just wear my sleepwear in my dorm.
2. I really like to drink hot water and tea, the thermos cup is really necessary in my day.
3. I need some fruits to get some vitamins and improve immunity.
4. When I order food delivery, I need to use the antibacterial spray before I bring it into the home.
5. I wash my hands a lot everyday so I use hand cream a lot.
6 & 7. Because I haven't adapted to the weather in london yet, I always feel a little dry so I usually use spray and balm to moisturize the skin.
8. I use a iPad to have fun and study.
9. Before I sleep I usually read a book for 35 minutes. And the book I recently read is called ‘I am not a catalogue’.
10. The book mark I use with my book.
11. My earphones.
12. The loudspeaker which is really enjoyable to listen to the music.
13 &14. My sketchbook and some crayons to record my mood.
15. My phone to contact with my friends.