By Yumeng Hu

1. Socks. I love collecting socks. My quirk is that I wear them for the seasons, and for sleeping in the winter.
2. Bluetooth wireless headset. I can wallow in my own unique spiritual world and the voice of idol is very healing.
3. iPhone and iPhone cases. I collect iPhone cases. The selectivity of the cases reflects people's personality and preferences.
4. Watch, pens and notebooks. I like three Musketeers, recording and expressing life in the most direct and best way.
5. Bobby pins. Trendy matching pieces, things that are accidentally used in everywhere.
6. Perfumes. The perfumes might be my symbol, or my face, or anything, just myself.
7. Lipstick. I suffered with dry, chapped, peeling lips for years, especially in the winter.
8. Mini purse bag. Fascinated by all things lovely. They can carry smalls things that I tend to leave behind.
9. Great tote bags. Holding so many important and needed things that I feel I can go anywhere in the world with it.
10. Umbrella. I like rainy days.
11. Water cup. I like to drink lemonade. It gives me a lot of energy.
12. Hand cream. The hands are wonderful instruments for designers or artists, we must take care of them.
13. Power bank. A sense of security around me when I am outside. Without it, I would feel anxious.
14. Sugars. Eating candy is one of the habits that I stick to the longest. I like to share my hobbies with others.
15. Tape recorder. Nostalgic, retro, there is a feeling through time and space.