By Yuqi Wang

I’m from China but was studying in London when the quarantine started.

1, 2 & 3. Computer, Mobile phone and eraphones: These electronic products are really important in my daily life: to search information and check email, play games and listen to music to enjoy my leisure time.
4 & 5. Mask & alcohol wipes: They are the most essential protection during the epidemic.
6. Tissue: The indispensable thing to can clean up my desk, the window sill and my cooking utensils. 
7. Bottle: I bought it several years ago.I am accustomed to have a bottle of water with me and where ever I need to go.
8. Chilli sauce: My friend gace it to me before I arrive London. It can represent the taste of hometown from China.
9. Umbrella: I always bring this umbrella which can protect us in raining days and preserve sunburn when I eventually go out.
10. Moisturizer: I need it when my skin experiences redness and itchiness.
11. Glasses: These are my spare glasses. If my glasses are broken or I loose them,these spare glasses will be significant.
12 & 13. Notebook & pen: I prefer to use them to recordi my inspirations.
14. Eye mask: It is hard for me to fall asleep at night when I am under pressure in particular.
15. Security card: It is necessary to enter my apartment.