By Zübeyde Beşirli

1. Window handle: Everyday I opened the window and breathed fresh air.
2. Disinfection: Whenever I went out, I carried it to disinfect my hands.
3. Medical mask: It was always with me when I was out.
4. Herbal soap: I used it very oftenly to keep my hands' hygene.
5. Rosary: I used it for praying.
6. Mouse: I used it for my everyday projects.
7. My notebook: I used it everyday to manage my projects.
8. Ipad: I used it as a digital dictionary when I was studying on my English lessons.
9. My charcoal painting: During the pandemic, I studied regularly to draw patterns.
10. Charcoal, mechanical pencil and eraser: I used them for my painting works.
11. English short stories: I read them to improve my English skills.
12. Special cup for the Turkish coffee: When I went out to my balcony to have a sun bath, I drank coffee with it.
13. My mobile phone charger: I used it to charge my mobile phone which was decharging so quickly as a result of multiple long calls.
14. My earphones: On the pandemic times, I used it to listen online educative videos and to make call with my friends.
15. Medical drugs: The drugs that I have to keep using after my post-cancer period.

Istanbul, Turkey