By Amelka Rose Bridges, (12 years old - part of a family set The Bridges)

1. Saxophone (loves playing it, loves the sound of it)
2. 40 years old teddy bear that used to belong to her mom and now travels with her everywhere
3. Black leggings she bleached one day during the isolation
5. Facial spray
6. Face mask
7. Hair brush
8. Retainer in pink case
9. Calculator (from her favorite store Muji)
10. Laptop (for remote schooling and to connect with friends)
11. Yoga mat (uses for online PE and her own exercise routine)
12. Bunny sleep mask (won’t fell asleep without it)
13. Pencil *conversation game she got from one of her besties
14. Book about dogs, of course
15. Glass of water

Adirondack Mountains
New York, United States
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